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JPEGsnoop is a free app that examines and decodes the inner details of JPEG
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JPEGsnoop is a comprehensive free tool that will allow you to reveal all meta data embedded in a JPEG image file or a MotionJPEG AVI video file. As you would expect, the report provided will show you the EXIF metadata and IPTC values, but it will also list sensitive information about the compression level of the image, the camera or the editing software used, and how it compares with other compression signatures. It can open and analyze any JPG, THM, AVI, DNG, MOV, PDF, and RAW photo file searching for JPEG-related information.

This tiny and easy-to-use tool is in fact a powerful file decoding utility. Designed for those with deep knowledge of JPEG compression and editing techniques, this application performs a deep analysis of the chrominance and luminance values of the image through a quantization table matrix, shows you the values of chroma subsampling, the JPEG quality and resolution settings, the RGB histograms, the Huffman tables, the Markernotes and most of JFIF markers. This extensive and accurate information will allow you to know the exact compression level of the image, and therefore, its quality. Thanks to its built-in database, you will be able to compare the compression settings of the image with those present in other cameras and/or image editing tools, giving you empirical evidence of any editing or tampering post-processes. For those who know how to make use of this data, JPEGsnoop can be used to improve the quality of your scanner, decode AVI files, or extract images embedded in a PDF file.

This is a tool for the professional user, for those who require accurate data to make the most of their digital images, or those in the process of writing a JPEG decoder. The reports provided are comprehensive and precise, and together with the raw data, you will find useful conclusions based on their findings and the subsequent analysis.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Offers extensive and accurate information about every aspect of JPEG compression
  • Allows you to check if an image has been edited or tampered
  • Built-in database to compare quality settings with other digital cameras or editing software tools


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